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*Julestar* Approved Stud Dogs and Breeding Bitches


Shaman is one of our main founder studs at Julestar. Now rising 10 years

HRH Shaman has had no health issues ever and has a fantastic temperament. Well known for his laid back and friendly nature.  He has sired very high quality puppies of all colours and has been used to improve other breeds, awarded Diploma of Merit and stud dog of the year in other wolf a like groups.

He has a plush, dense double coat with  3 1/2" Longer Ruff. He has summer and winter colours.

Yellow eyes and of impressive build

BVA Hip Score 3 - 3 = 6    BVA Elbow Score 0 - 1 = 1   BVA Eye tested - Clear.  DNA tested DM - Clear. My Dog DNA Tested over 160 health disease issues - Clear

Julestar Kindred Spirit aka S/C Northern Lights at Julestar - HRH Shaman

2 years - in moult

Age 6 years

Age 7 years

Age 9 years

                             Champion ...Julestar Sacred Spirit...Rocky