Julestar Timber Dogs and Inuit.

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All our breeding dogs have been BVA Hip and BVA Elbow scored when mature enough and not bred from unless within our perimeters for our breeders code of conduct.

Embark DNA Testing

Our breeding dogs have been Embark Tested. This test is for over 190 hereditory diseases and determines the status for each, whether clear, carrier or affected. Our dogs have tested CLEAR for all the diseases tested.

This test also covers breed content and picks up the genetic markers of the breeds of dogs that are behind the Timber Dog lines and their % ratio. It also identifies the Gray Wolf marker and % for each dog if present.

Embark also covers breed traits and physical type markers.

Degenerative Myelopathy...DM
This was found to be distributed in many of Wolf lookalike breeds and has been a condition recognised in numerous other breeds of dogs for some time. DNA tests  are available to detect the gene responsible. All our founding breeding dogs were tested tested to determine their DM status. We have no DM in our breeding dogs and are DM Free.


Dwarfism and associated Eye Conditions in Northern Inuit.

Due to problems with dwarfism and blindness in some Northern Inuit lines. research was undertaken by The Animal Health Trust UK. A gene mutation was identified specific to Northern Inuit. All our dogs have been tested and non are affected


We have never had any epilepsy over the years.