Julestar Timber Dogs and Inuit.

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                                                                                        JULESTAR PACK GIRLS

All our females are Health Tested and genetically tested. They  must be assessed for breed standard before entering our breeding programme. Pairings are carefully matched to improve the breed and take it forward. We use our own stud dogs and Timber Dog Club UK approved outside studs who have been Health Tested to our standard and genetically tested. All Timber Dog puppies are registered with the Timber Dog Club UK.

                                                                                   Julestar Storm Spirit...Pearl

Pearl is a stunning girl and a female version of her father HRH Shaman. She is a large girl with a friendly, playful nature.

BVA hips....7. BVA Elbows....0. OSD3 Clear....DM Clear....Embark DNA tested Clear.... F5