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Email received Oct 2015 from M Slight...USA


Jules, thank you thank you for our lovely puppy that you shipped to us in the US. I wanted to summarize my experience for others who may be thinking about importing a puppy to the US.

I was lucky enough to have a business trip that took me to England 3 weeks before we were due to get our dog, so I was able to visit Jules' kennel and meet her, the dogs and puppies. I had done what research I could about Jules' kennels on the internet, so I knew she was a founding breeder in England. She had 2 litters at the time, BTDs and Catalan sheepdogs. When I visited, they had all just come in from their morning run around the field and had been washed, and were eager to greet me, licking me and playing together. She has a good-sized area for them to play and sleep in, with a few crates. Some of the dogs were sleeping in the crates, some just on the tiles, and all seemed happy and healthy. I also saw her setup for the older dogs, and met the puppy's mom. It is clear that Jules puts so much love and most of her resources into the care and raising of her puppies and dogs. She had chosen the puppy she thought would be best for our family: I'd described to her in email what we were looking for, our yard, what other animals we had, and our work/kids' school habits. Jules was keen to see if that puppy bonded with me and I with her, which we did. She knows her puppies' individual temperaments well.

Jules organized all the flights, transportation to the airport in England, necessary vaccinations, microchipping, and DEFRA vet paperwork. That organization was well worth it to me as all I had to worry about was getting her home from the airport.

My puppy flew to Boston 3 days ago, with one short stop in Newark NJ. We arrived at the cargo section of the airport 20 minutes after the flight landed, and 10 minutes later the puppy in her crate arrived there, and we were immediately able to take her home. She started wagging her tail as soon as I wiggled my fingers at her through the crate gate, came over and started sniffing and licking them, tail thumping all the while. The bottom of her crate had shredded paper as bedding, and a water bowl was tied to the crate so she could drink. The crate was plenty big enough for her, a little bit larger than I expected. Parts of the paper were quite damp, but no poop and she was clean; I think most of the dampness came from the water bowl spilling. We took the crate straight to the car, figuring it was better to get her home, and then let her out rather than let her out at the noisy cargo area, but I fed her some dry kibble through the crate as I knew she'd be hungry. Once home, we let her sniff around and come to greet us, just like you would with any puppy. We cleaned out the crate and put a dog bed in it with kibble-filled Kong toys, so that getting her back in it later for the night wouldn't be scary for her. She was cautious but keen to meet the family, needed to stretch her legs, but also quite tired.

What really surprised and impressed me was that Jules had done such an awesome job training her, given that when I visited there were about 16 puppies from the two breeds. Playing with all those puppies had given her a very soft mouth, she settles down in her crate very easily, sleeps through the night, waits to take food from your hand until told, is happy having her whole body handled, and is extremely affectionate with women, men and children. To me, these things are priceless. She even sits when told! I was so relieved that she didn't seem remotely traumatized by the flight; the only thing that she didn't like was when I put her in the crate in the car the next day to take her to the vet - but she promptly fell asleep. The vet was very impressed with her overall health and adaptation, and said she wouldn't have been able to tell that she'd just flown from overseas the day before. She is quickly learning to pee and poop outside, and walk on the leash.

I highly recommend Jules as a breeder - no reservations. Our lovely puppy was well prepared to handle the trip, and well-trained and socialized. You can't ask for much more than that!
Thank you, Jules.
Marianne Slight
Lexington, MA


 September 2015 ...Sharon Cheek                                      We collected our beautiful puppy Coco from Jules at Julestar at the weekend. She has more than lived up to our expectations. She is a well socialised; calm; loving puppy. She travelled very well and has settled into home life very quickly and easily.

As first time dog owners we had been very apprehensive about the whole process but Jules was great and delivered as a breeder in every way, from recommending which puppy would suit us best to ensuring she is a healthy well adjusted puppy. I would recommend without hesitation. Jules clearly loves all the dogs and puppies very much...

1st September 2012

Thank you Jules and your Family for making us so welcome yesterday when we met our little Lady, you made us so welcome and we loved seeing all your pack, my daughter cannot wait to get her little girl home and our dogs gave us a thorough enthusiastic sniffing last night. We were impressed at the clean kennel area and what a wonderful paddock the pack have access to i have never seen that before in any of the breeders i have met, it really shows how much you care for your dogs. All of our friends have seen our pics and cant wait to meet her she already has a fan club lol. speak soon and thank you again for letting us have this special baby it meant a lot to my daughter and me. we are sure you will give her lots of cuddles from us thank you again it was worth the long drive.




Nicola Mulvey 13th August 2012.....Genus breeding .co

Thank you for showing me your litter of pups on Saturday, I’m very happy with your stunning dogs and very excited about collecting my pup next week. I would recommend you to anyone wanting one of these special pups or even one of the lovely older rescue dogs, also important to see more than one breeder before settling on your pup.   See you soon, Nicola


31st.August 2012

Hi Jules.

Well we've had Bran home for a week now and he is an absolute star. He's so happy and content. Lays there chew a hide for hours, would he be teething already?

He's grown amazingly for just one week, his colour is already changing too, his black tip has gotten really dark now.

His toilet training is almost complete I think. We've had about 5 clean days and four nights. One night he did just a wee but that was my fault for going down late. He'll either sit there and moan at you or takes himself off to the back door.

He loves our other dog, Ranger, who often has a look of "please save me" on his face as Bran always wants to play with him and jump all over him. Ranger has a new little sanctuary on our upstairs landing where he disappears off to for some peace.

Think he is going to get his first bath today!!

Thanks Jules, we could not be any happier with him. He has set the bar extremely high for any future pups we have.

Emma & Chris


August 29th 2012
Bran has settled in for nearly a week now and is an absolute diamond, w've even had 3 clean days and a clean night!! He's so relaxed and an absolute pleasure to have.

From the bottom of our hearts Jules, Thank you. xXx


Shazz on Denzel... March 2012

I,m not on here very often, but I hope you are OK. Your a fantastic dog breeder, denzel is a perfect dog bred by you. I chose you because out of every one I contacted you were the most helpful and genuine and really cared about the breed. You took the time to tell me all about Northern Inuits. Thats why I waited a year to get Denzel from you and I'm glad I did. He's a beautiful example of your care and expertise of breeding. Your a lovely lady Jules. Love and Light. Sha and Denzel


Jane on Torin 23rd Sept 2010

Hi Jules,

Thought I would say hello and give you an update on Torin.

He is doing great. A total little monster with the best personality ever. He is fabulous with our 6 month old pup. Torin lets Callan climb all over him and they are the best of friends. Its lovely to see how good Torin is with all dogs of any age.

He is also still doing really well and came 4th in a big novice obedience class at the IKC International show last weekend. I was ever so proud of him and didn't expect a place at all. The judge said he has masses of potential and his enthusiasm is wonderful. He is also training in agility and hopefully we will start to compete next year.

Hope you and the dogs are all well.

Take care and lots of love from Jane & Torin xx


05:00 PM on June 07, 2010 


as you already know our wonderful puppy from you is coming up to 8months

and so wonderful, we are so grateful for all the help and advice you have given, we can't wait for the next litter so we can get another wonderful baby from you.

Once again thank you lol kellymarie xx


LOGAN.....April 2010

 Hi Jules,
  Just thought I'd email and let you know how Logan is getting on. He's such a chilled puppy, every time we've taken him to the vets he's fallen asleep on the floor of the waiting room. No end of people have commented on how calm he is for his age. His training is going well and he already knows sit, down, paw and other paw (As long as he gets a treat for doing it). Recall isn't too bad and will often come back either when called or when following the other dogs. House training is going fairly well although he has the odd accident. After 3 sleepless nights we gave up on the whole crating idea but he quite happily sleeps in the living room with the other dogs. He's very much a drama queen as he sticks quite close to us so often gets one of his paws trodden on, his reaction is usually screaming, running off then sitting on the sofa while pathetically holding up one of his paws (Usually the wrong one! lol). Overall he's a brilliant dog so far


SIMBA .......April 2010

Hi Julie
Hope you and your beautiful dogs are well.
I know Ive not been in touch for a while but thought id give you an update on how Simba is progressing, he got weighed yesterday at his regular check up at the vets and weighed in at 31 kilos the vet was really impressed and did warn us that he would be a big dog, hes amazing not yet 6mths and growing by the minute.. 
We actually went to Rother Valley park today and bumped into a a few people with a huge pack of dogs ( a mixed bag of varieties ) when a little inuit ran round the corner, Simba loved him straight away although too rough due to size, when I quizzed the couple they said they got him from somewhere near skegness, when i mentioned you they couldnt believe it...its from Shamen/breeze litter, im sure they called him dylan but not 100%...he was another little beauty too, what a small world!! anyway Simba spent at least an hour running in the water with their dogs so he had loads of fun.
I just wanted to thank you again for letting us have Simba, he is truely amazing, he is brilliant with the kids, people, other dogs and hes not yet chewed too much of the house but he does like digging huge holes in our garden!..but we wouldnt change him for the world. We are happy and we love our little fella to bits, he is one spoilt little rascal.
Kind regards


MERLIN....March 2010
Hi Jules
Merlin went with Sukki to my vets today, where he was microchipped, the comments made by my vet who is John Levison the famous tv vet, went as follows, John said he was the most amazing puppy he had come across for a long time Merlin's karma was amazing, he was also impressed by the puppy pack you gave detailing all of Merlin's life from the minute he was born and he wished that all breeders did the same.
Merlin has helped Sukki who was grieving for Pagan who as you know we lost to cancer, he has given Sukki a new lease of life  and John  agreed with this and said the change in Sukki was amazing.
So a big thank you Jules hope to see you soon.
fondest wishes and hugs

SukiMerlin-1.jpg picture by julestar-rarebreeds


Freja Jan 20120

Thank you Julie for our Miracle Puppy, Frejasmile

I knew as soon as we came to your place that we have done the right thing and chosen you.(well even before then, because of all the contact before and after Angel had given Birth). All your Doggies are absolutely stunning and sooo friendly, you can tell straight away how much you care about them!!  And then seeing both litters and the little boy from the Chrystal-Shaman mating was so beautifulsmileThey looked so contented!

But I knew which one our Freja was straight away!!

You also answered so many things, like what to feed her, when to feed her, what she is on at the moment, when she was wormed, I could go on and on lol. Even my Vet was impressed!!

So thank you again, for making the right decision and for the ongoing support  (even thou, I am making so much use of it lol)


Catrin,Mark,Tiffany and of course Flint xxx


Koda ....... Jan 2010

hi jules 


just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how koda’s doing.

Well what a wonderful dog, he is so intelligent, so far it has made training him quite easy.

Up to press koda has mastered 5 commands and he isn’t 3 months old yet (don’t know if this is average,good or poor)

He can sit ,down ,rollover(180 degrees),give paw and stay just with hand signals and all of these he mastered in about 10mins with the help of a treat and a clicker.

His house training is also pretty good, if you keep an eye on him. Because he goes to the back door and we sometimes miss him and he does it near the door  (a wee, not a poo)

At night he’s really good, no poo’s in his crate anymore and he is very quiet during the night and seems to have accepted that it is bedtime and it’s time for sleep(don’t think he sleeps all night cos he’s always waiting to come out in the morning)

Don’t want too make him sound perfect because he can be very demanding and mischievous but he certainly has the potential to be an incredible dog.


Regards, CHRIS GALE.


Ps. I have only taught him 5 commands!


DSC03871-2-1.jpg picture by julestar-rarebreeds


DSC03859-1.jpg picture by julestar-rarebreeds

Denzel - Northern Inuit puppy, Dec 2009

Would like to say a big thank you for our pup Denzel he is so lovely and has settled in so well. He is everything we wanted jules you got his personality down to a T..I would like to say what an excellent breeder she is , I have been in touch with her for some time and she gave me excellent advice even when she had no pups available she still answered all my questions when I was researching the N.I breed and is always on hand with advice...so I decided I would wait for one of her pups as it felt right...her kennels are immaculate and her dogs are stunning and so well kept and she is such a lovely down to earth person...so thank you once again...xxx love Shani, Denzel and famo..xxxx






Northern Inuit male 8 months.

hello julie hope everything is good, and you are all well. just thought i'd drop you a line and let you know how zack is, we decided to keep that name in the end, he likes it the most!  he has settled in quite well especially with our little jack russle, there a funny pair and he's fully house trained, sitting and giving his paw, just working on "lie down" i have to say when i first seen him i knew he was going to be a challenge, but were getting there. had to take him the vet the other day because they where both playing out side when sack fell over and sprained his leg, when i got out there i thought it was the little jack that had hurt himself the noise he was making! zack was just sitting there with no weight on his paw whilst the little one ran circles around him making the most peculiar noises, he's walking round with a bit of a limp now and feeling sorry for himself. well anyway heres a few pics of them both, take care.





Torin Northern Inuit gone to Ireland July 2008

Hi Jules,

Hope you had a good weekend at Amersham. Really disappointed we couldn’t make it.

We thought you would like to see a few more pics of Torin taken this afternoon. He has settled in really well and went to his first show yesterday. He had to sit in the crate on the top of the dog trailer but had a good view of everything and met loads of people. He loved it and wasn’t the slightest bit worried or bothered by anything. He will be entering his first show next weekend in dog the judge would like to take home!!

He’s a really confident and proud boy and we are certain he is going to do well at the shows in the future. We had a really good weekend and Sacha qualified for the All Ireland Champion Dog of the Year final so we are very proud of her. There are only 32 dogs in the country get into the final and this is Sacha’s second year to qualify.

Hope you like the pics and can see how happy he is with his new pack. He has grown a lot already and his ears are almost up!!!

All the best,

Jane, Dave, Boris, Sacha, Liadan and a big hug from Torin xxx

027.jpg Torin 3 months picture by julestar-rarebreeds


Jena Northern Inuit puppy July 2008

Jena slept all the way home and no sick or wee.  She only moaned when we stopped.  Settled in very well and has taken to Skip like glue.  She's played down the garden - had one poo in house - wees outside and refused to go in big cage and slept in Skips BIG bed.  She's settled really well - but I know what you mean by trying to keep her still for a few pics!  Anyway got a few and posted one on forum.  Here's the rest for you.
002.jpg Jena 3 months picture by julestar-rarebreeds